The Moth and the Flame:A Love Story

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    • Jun 21, 2013

    A moth flying in black darkness
     Found a yellow flame flickering
      over a red candlestick
       On a brass plate
        Bright in the darkness
      And the moth was pleased
          At the beauty of it
           And flew around it
      And the moth fell in love
       With the flame.

    A moth might love a flame
     But how shall they join their souls, silly moth?
      Asked the flame.
       Very carefully
        Said the moth
         But it can be done
          If we have love
        The Power of Love
            We will be victorious
             Over the dark dangers
              As your light illuminates
               The Darkness
    We could never be happy, said the flame,
     for we differ so
      We will rejoice in our differences, said the moth
       You will be you and I will be me
        And we will dance
         Together always
          On the wings and flames
           Of Our Love
    It is my nature to fly, said the moth
     Up Down Left Right Fore and Aft
      Afloat in your light and warmth
       Close but not too close
        Together but in our own ways
    I must possess you, said the moth
     Yes, you may, said the Flame
      And so of course they were married

    On their wedding night the moth danced
     around the flame
      And the flame flickered magnificently
       And they were quite happy together
        Through many dark nights.
         They danced
          In Happiness

    I love you, said the moth.
     Come Closer, said the flame
      I love you said the moth, coming closer
       I only want to help you, said the flame
        Glowing, warmer, flickering brightly,
          As the moth approached.
    I must have you inside me, said the flame
     Singing a sweet song
      A siren song
       Of destruction
        All of you, sang the flame
         Consume you
          All of you
           In a yummy moment of glory.
    I am pretty
     You want me
      You love me
       Come to me
        I will be yours
         I will be all that you want
          Touch me
           Feel me
            Come inside me
             Explode all your hot passion
              All of you inside me
               I know you want that
                You know it, too.

    If you really love me you will do it,
     said the flame, lustfully.

    I have waited long enough, said the flame
     While you dance about me
      Up Down Left Right Fore and Aft
       You have no center
        No wick
         No candlestick
          So you must join me
           In mine
            You must
             You must
              Do it now.
    The day of reckoning has come, said the Flame
     Touch me
      Join me
       Enter me
        And you will be filled with joy.

    Too hot, said the moth
     I would be consumed
      You don't love me, said the flame
       Go away.

    Come to me now, said the flame,
     come and touch me deeply
      It is for your own good
       It is time
        You have flown free long enough
         It is time for you to prove your love
          Your oft stated love
           And joined with me
            In my way
             The True Way
                I will burn for you
                 No more.

    So the moth flew into the center of the flame
     in a glorious moment of love
      and became a flame himself
       flaring and bursting and crackling
        like a firework rocket
         And burned to a cinder
           Black as coal

    Mmmm... That was good, said the flame,
     flickering brightly.